Goodbye to the old year

Well it wont be long now till a new year begins, bringing with it new To-Do lists, resolutions and different adventures.

Before I say goodbye to the old year, I find myself reflecting back on whats happened this year.  What has it taught me?  Did it go to plan?  How will it shape the year to come?

The year started off brilliantly with the offer of a new job and prospect of money to finally spend.  I renewed my RSPB membership as usual and spent many happy hours at the nearby nature reserves.  I watched a number of hightide wildlife events at Parkgate, Wirral, and took part in the various wildlife counts.  I even managed to do something nature based each day for 30 days wild; (Wildlife Trust) and I got to write an article each season for the local wildlife records newsletter.

It was going great so far.


Unfortunately mid way through the year, life became topsy turvy.  It brought with it new lessons, uncertainty and frustration.  I injured my knee, ankle and foot, which then led to me loosing my job.  At first I was fed up, worried about not having any money and wondering if I would ever get better.  I decided to change my outlook and decided to use all this free time to getting back to my normal self….maybe even a better, more stronger, confident self, perhaps.


I began to have lots of physiotherapy, and the physio team at Ellesmere Port hospital were amazing.  They did so much to help me gain some normality back in my life and gave me lots of encouragement and support.

Jane from MiiTime also helped me a great deal, teaching me to do Pilates.  I must admit that after the first lesson I amazingly ached all over but it made me realise for the first time how weak my muscles had become and how out of balance they were.  Each lesson I began to see improvements.  Pilates is definitely something I would recommend, and I now rave about it to everyone willing to listen.  I was now spurred on to undertake my next new adventure….The gym

Joining my local leisure centre has been a life changer for me this year.  I had never been to one before and at first I was nervous, but the staff there were so helpful and friendly and I soon started to feel at home in the gym.  Cheshire Change Hub and the Brio Leisure team at EPSV have been like a life line to me.  They have showed me exercises that would help me gain my flexibility, balance and strength back.  Of course, I have learnt so much more than that at the local leisure centre.  I have learnt alot about myself, and my body.  I have gained a great deal in confidence and courage too.

I have learnt so much more this year than I normally would have done.  I’ve gained much needed confidence, I have become healthier and I have made new friends.

So what is install for the new year then?

I have just 5 resolutions for this new year.  They are nothing fancy and hopefully I’ll keep up with every single one:

1: Find a job (I’m sure there is one out there that’s just waiting for me).

2: Learn to swim.

3: Knuckle down to learning Welsh and be better at speaking it.

4: Be happy and healthy.

5: Surround myself with nature.


Hopefully the new year will bring you all lots of joy, health and happiness…..and hope you manage to keep up with your new years resolutions too 🙂


Looking forward to the new year

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog. What with learning to use crutches, lots of physiotherapy and not being able to drive I feel like late summer and Autumn have passed me by this year and it’s been amazing to see how time has quickly passed me by.

Unfortunately after injuring my foot, ankle and knee, I ended up on crutches which I just couldn’t quite get the hang of and was always amazingly tired trying to use them. After coming off crutches, it was endless weeks of physiotherapy and I became very friendly with something called a wobble board which helped me work on my balance.

The last month I was able to drive short distances so I joined a gym, which was an alien environment to me. It was scary at first looking at all these weird machines but I really started to enjoy it as I could see the huge impact it was having on building up my strength and stamina.

I’d say I’m 90 percent healed now which is brilliant news since I was told it could take up to 12 months to get better. I am now looking for work, finally getting out in nature and looking forward to writing blogs again.

I can’t believe it’s now nearly the end of the year and we have had the shortest day already. (Winter solstice) I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with family and excited as to what the new year will bring.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic new year.

Best wishes