30 Days Wild

The sky was cloudy with patches of vibrant blue and it was a lovely warm day.  I decided that for the first day of my 30 Days Wild Challenge, I would go to my local nature reserve.
As soon as I arrived at Burton Mere, Wirral, the staff were super friendly (as always) and pointed out the spoonbill on the main scrape.  I was excited as I have never seen a spoonbill before.
After the excitement, I decided to go and sit down by the ponds and have a little lunch under a nice tree.  I could hear jackdaws chattering away to their young, tufted ducks on the water and I saw a squirrel trying to steal peanuts out of a bird feeder.

As I got up to walk to the middle hide, a little vole wandered past me along the path and into the undergrowth, I saw young lizards basking in the warmth and I saw a spoonbill flying over with food to the top of the trees.

From the Middle Hide I could hear the bubbling sound of the egrets.  I watched a heron standing like a statue in the water waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim by, until an egret came and disturbed it.  It was also lovely to see 2 swans taking their little cygnets out onto the water.

I then carried on walking towards the Inner Hide, watching many spiders and bugs scurrying across the boardwalk in front of me, as well as seeing hairy caterpillar.

From the Inner Hide I saw lapwings, godwit and black-headed gulls before then walking up to the Iron Age Hillfort.  It was a clear day so the views of Wales, Parkgate, Hilbre Island and the Dee estuary were lovely.

On the way back I saw different types of bees buzzing around the flowers that are in bloom and I saw a sedge warbler singing away in the reed bed and a great tit grabbing insects from the shrubs nearby.
It was a lovely day to go to the reserve, there was lots of wildlife to see and lots of friendly people there that stopped to have a chat to me along the way.
If you ever visit The Wirral make sure you pop in to Burton Mere RSPB Nature Reserve to see what wildlife you can spot.