Steam Rally Day 24 of 30 Days Wild

It’s day 24 of 30 Days Wild and this weekend there is a steam rally in Kelsall, Cheshire. It’s not exactly a nature based activity but it meant I got to spend most of the day outdoors.

The first thing I saw was beautiful gentle shire horses and their 2 gorgeous foals. Even though they are babies they are still big. There was also little Shetland ponies and their cute little babies, which were so adorable to watch playing together.

Walking around the steam rally there are so many sights, sounds and smells that encapsulate the senses. I sat on the grass and watched steam engines roll past me like giant smoke breathing beasts. I saw swallows swooping low across the field of clover before me, catching insects amongst the hussle and bussle of so much human activity.

I watched lawn mower racing for the first time too. I was amazed how fast they went and how loud they were as the went around the track.

After a lot of walking, it was good to come home and just relax in the garden. I’m sat here now enjoying the evening sunshine and listening to the chirping birds and buzzing bees.

I hope you had a lovely time today, and you are enjoying the warm summer evening where you are tonight.