Hedgehog prints

Late last night I placed a small mammal tracking tunnel in the garden as well as my wildlife camera.

To my delight this morning I found little ink prints all over the paper in the tracking tunnel.

Hedgehog prints are so cute. I think they look like tiny baby hand prints.

It’s also lovely when I capture footage of them too in the garden.

It’s important in this hot dry weather to put food and water out for wildlife that visit your garden, but please remember NOT to give them milk or bread.
Maybe you could try and encourage neighbours to cut a CD sized hole in their fence so that hedgehogs can roam around peoples gardens freely and safely.

Also be careful when strimming as or cutting long grass as you never know what wildlife could be taking shelter there. 

Take care of hedgehogs and they will thank you by eating your naughty garden slugs.


An evening picnic

It’s another hot sunny day, so I’ve put the picnic rug outside on the grass and the parasol up for some much needed shade.  I’m going to have a little picnic in the garden and enjoy the evening sunshine.

The bread maker has been on and delicious warm bread is now ready.  I’m going to pick some lettuce and chives from the garden and have that with some quorn chicken slices.  I can’t wait till the tomatoes and berries are ready so I can make an even more delicious picnic.

I also picked a few elderflowers yesterday which have been infusing over night so I’m looking forward to drinking some delicious elderflower cordial too.

There is nothing like getting food free from the garden and enjoying a picnic out in nature.20170603_133946.jpg


Sowing wildflowers

A few weeks ago I sowed a variety of wildflower seeds in trays and today I decided to sow some more. 20180518_161144.jpg The little shoots of the first lot of seeds I sowed are already starting to poke through the soil and I can’t wait till they grow a bit bigger so I can then plant them in containers by my front steps.

20180531_141037.jpgThe wildflowers I have sown are:  a variety of poppy seed, chamomile, oxeye daisies, foxgloves, red campion, and mullein. (just to name a few)

I have also sown other flowers such as: night stocks, love-in-a-mist and corn flowers

A number of the plants will also be planted around the garden as well as in a wild garden patch I made.

I dug a wild patch last year and it self seeded this year with red campions, alkanet and foxgloves.20180519_140519.jpg

It doesn’t matter if you sow wild seed in your garden or a garden container, it wont take long for the bees, hoverflies and other insects to find them and they will enjoy them all summer.20170626_180620.jpg

Daisy Chain

It was a baking hot day so it was lovely to sit on the grass surrounded by buttercups and daisies.  I watched beetles scurrying across the grass, spiders sitting silently on the webs, bees happily buzzing about flowers, and hoverflies sunbathing on leaves by the pond.

imag0253.jpgIt was nice to sit outside and feel the cool grass beneath me while the sun shone hot high above me.  Sat down on the grass I felt recharged and relaxed and seeing all those daisies made me want to make a daisy chain bracelet.

It’s good to just sit in nature, let your inner child free, and enjoy the simple things in life.


A slimy trail

After all the heavy rain yesterday there were quite a few slugs and snails about the garden this morning.  It’s amazing how many different colours, shapes and sizes there are when you start to truly look at them.

There was even a slime trail across my front step going straight to a pot of marigold flowers.  I’ve never really looked closely at slime before, its just something that I tend to walk past without a second thought.

As it is 30 Days Wild though, I figured that today I would see what slime looked like with my phones macro lens.20180603_134710.jpg

I’m glad I did as it’s actually quite fascinating close up especially when the sun shine down on it creating a rainbow effect like washing up bubbles.20180603_135529.jpg

What is this slime?

It is a kind of mucus that is secreted externally by creatures such as slugs and snails.  Even fresh water and marine gastropods produce it.  This mucus helps them move through their environment creating a protective barrier to prevent injury, and also helps them to stick to surfaces.

20180603_134819.jpgI’m glad I took the time to get a close up view of the slime.  It turned out to be quite pretty.

Chasing raindrops

Well, after days of expecting rain, it finally arrived this morning.  The heavens opened and rain fell loudly from the sky with a roar.  Raindrops bounced about madly as they hit the ground and the drain gullies gurgled unable to cope with the intensity of the downpour.

The delicate flowers in the garden were getting a beating and their heads bowed weighed down by the water.  I can’t complain about the rain though, as after a week of hot dry weather, the garden certainly needs it.20180602_183540.jpg

Once the intense downpour had calmed down and became a delicate drizzle, I ventured out into the garden.  Everything looked so lush and full of colour after the rain and there was a lovely fresh smell to the garden.

I got my camera and took some photos of raindrops on 2 plants.  I have 2 favourite plants in the garden that I love to look at after rain because of how the raindrops rest upon their leaves.20180602_183135.jpg

The lupin flower buds look pretty with delicate drops on them like they are covered in tiny crystals.20180602_183208.jpg

My all time favourite however is; the smoke bush.20180602_183413.jpg

Raindrops just sit upon the red leaves like blogs of mercury.

It was fun trying to get really close up photos of the raindrops.  I think you’ll agree that they look so pretty close up too.20180602_183338.jpg