A relaxing 30 days wild

Yesterday it was blowing a gale and raining so I spent 30 Days Wild indoors, warm and dry. bev5j44kek7.jpg.jpg I still got to see lots of nature from the window though.  I saw pair of goldfinches on the nyjer feeder, a fledgling blue tit on the fence chirping loudly to be fed and a song thrush smashing up snail shells on the stone path.  In the evening the weather calmed down and the sun made an appearance just as it was about to set on the horizon so I also got to enjoy a lovely sunset too.


Today I went barefoot in the garden and did some yoga.  It was nice to feel the cool grass under my feet and after the unsettled weather yesterday the air felt cool and refreshing on my face.  It was nice to just lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by too.  Just being one with nature and letting my mind and imagination free was relaxing.20160623_153230.jpgI hope you all had a lovely relaxing day too, and enjoyed whatever you did, where ever it was.


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