Delamere stroll

Another beautiful June day.  The sky is a bright azure blue with the occasional wispy cloud drifting on by.  It’s a great day for taking shade under leafy forest canopy.20180524_133420.jpg

My journey started at Gwesty’s Waste car park where I walked across the road towards Delamere forest.  The earth beneath me is dry with lack of rain and dust kicks up with every step made.  I watched squirrels chase each other around the tree trunks and across branches and I saw rabbits hopping about in the grassy areas.   I saw a centipede shuffle across the path in front of me, whilst a spider scurried off into the undergrowth carrying her egg sac.20180524_141648.jpg

As I walked up to the Old Pale which is 176 metres high I saw buzzards circling high above me on the wind currents.  In front of me I could see a wild grass area full to the brim with dandelion clocks just waiting to be blown off in the gentle breeze. 20180524_140249.jpg

Slightly beyond that a yellow field of rapeseed flowers shines brightly like the sun.  It was such a beautiful clear day it was possible to see a panoramic view of many different counties from Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire. 20180524_135827.jpg

All these counties are represented at the top of Old Pale by standing stones of deep red sandstone and brass plaques also point out specific view points for the traveller such as: Helsby hill, Jodrell bank, Moel Famau and Liverpool skyline.20180524_135750.jpg

I  walked down towards the visitors centre for a well earned ice cream before returning once more towards Gwesty’s Waste.20180524_135610.jpg

It was a lovely walk and even though I didn’t see as much wildlife as I had expected, I did enjoy the fantastic views and the shade of the trees from the hot sun.

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