A slimy trail

After all the heavy rain yesterday there were quite a few slugs and snails about the garden this morning.  It’s amazing how many different colours, shapes and sizes there are when you start to truly look at them.

There was even a slime trail across my front step going straight to a pot of marigold flowers.  I’ve never really looked closely at slime before, its just something that I tend to walk past without a second thought.

As it is 30 Days Wild though, I figured that today I would see what slime looked like with my phones macro lens.20180603_134710.jpg

I’m glad I did as it’s actually quite fascinating close up especially when the sun shine down on it creating a rainbow effect like washing up bubbles.20180603_135529.jpg

What is this slime?

It is a kind of mucus that is secreted externally by creatures such as slugs and snails.  Even fresh water and marine gastropods produce it.  This mucus helps them move through their environment creating a protective barrier to prevent injury, and also helps them to stick to surfaces.

20180603_134819.jpgI’m glad I took the time to get a close up view of the slime.  It turned out to be quite pretty.



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