Chasing raindrops

Well, after days of expecting rain, it finally arrived this morning.  The heavens opened and rain fell loudly from the sky with a roar.  Raindrops bounced about madly as they hit the ground and the drain gullies gurgled unable to cope with the intensity of the downpour.

The delicate flowers in the garden were getting a beating and their heads bowed weighed down by the water.  I can’t complain about the rain though, as after a week of hot dry weather, the garden certainly needs it.20180602_183540.jpg

Once the intense downpour had calmed down and became a delicate drizzle, I ventured out into the garden.  Everything looked so lush and full of colour after the rain and there was a lovely fresh smell to the garden.

I got my camera and took some photos of raindrops on 2 plants.  I have 2 favourite plants in the garden that I love to look at after rain because of how the raindrops rest upon their leaves.20180602_183135.jpg

The lupin flower buds look pretty with delicate drops on them like they are covered in tiny crystals.20180602_183208.jpg

My all time favourite however is; the smoke bush.20180602_183413.jpg

Raindrops just sit upon the red leaves like blogs of mercury.

It was fun trying to get really close up photos of the raindrops.  I think you’ll agree that they look so pretty close up too.20180602_183338.jpg




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