30 Days Wild indoors

Today I had to stay inside, as not only was it pouring down with rain but I now have a sprained ankle ligament to go with my injured knee.

I was feeling sorry for myself with my feet up on the sofa gazing at a rain splattered window. I read a little and also caught up on some Springwatch episodes that i’d missed and also watched some old Time Team episodes which was fun.

I was cheered up when my other half came home from work with gifts for me. Now don’t get too excited, it wasn’t chocolates or a bunch of flowers. It was simple gifts from nature which he knew that I would like.

Today at work, he was working by some lovely old lime trees. He gazed up at them and saw their lovely lime blossom dangling down. He thought the blossom had such a sweet perfume he wanted to share the experience with me. He managed to find a sprig before he left work and he brought it home for me.

It really is such a lovely smell and I didn’t even think of lime trees having scented blossom until now. I can see how lime trees are great for a variety of pollinators such as; hoverflies, bees and ladybirds, as well as birds and of course the lime hawk caterpillar.

My next little gift came from the earth. he was weeding one of the flower beds when something caught his eye. He knew I’d be interested in it and want it for my nature display case, so he put it in his pocket and brought it home for me. It was an animal tooth, but what animal?

I think it is a cow tooth and it looks like it has some age to it as it’s very brown in colour. I cleaned it up and have put it in my display case along with all my other little gifts from nature.

Even though I was unable to get out in nature today, a little bit of nature was brought indoors to me.


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