Stroll around Llangollen

Today for 30 Days Wild, me and my sister Elysia were enjoying learning about Welsh history as we strolled around the Llangollen area.

Our first visit was to walk across Pontcysyllte aqueduct. This magnificent piece of engineering was by the brilliant Thomas Telford.

The canal here is over 126 feet high up in the sky. The only railing is along the narrow towpath which runs alongside the canal and people shuffle past us awkwardly holding on for dear life as they challenge themselves to be brave and walk across to the other side.

Next we drove toward the beginning of the Horseshoe Pass to a beautiful ruined abbey. The Valle Crucis Abbey was built by the Monks and still has a fish pool full of water. The church part dates back to 12th Century. I love roaming around ruins.

I let my imagination run wild and day dreaming about what it must of looked like when the Monks lived here. There was lots of swallows flying about too nesting inside the ruins. A parent was chirping above our heads as if trying to get our attention; then I noticed 3 lovely little fledglings sat high up on a stone looking down on us. I apologised at once to the parent for disturbing her and said her fledglings were lovely. (People think I’m mad but I always talk to animals)

After exploring the Abbey we then walked along the road (trying to dodge cars and occasionally jumping into the tiny verge as we did so) to see the wonderous 9th Century stone cross called Pillar of Eliseg, that sits on a Bronze Age burial mound.

I love burial mounds, there is something I find very peaceful about them. (especially the ones you can walk into) We walked around the pillar gazing at the inscription and wondering about all the things that this piece of stone has seen. I love learning about Welsh history and all its myths and legends, and I absolutely love the scenery here.

We finished the day off in the town of Llangollen. The place is looking colourful with different flags up, as it wont be long till the International Eisteddfod starts. We sat by the river Dee, eating a Welsh oggie (pastie) and listening to the sound of steam trains whistling by.

Llangollen is a beautiful place and I’m so glad its not far from Chester, so I can visit often.


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