painting in the garden Day 17

It was a very hot day. Too hot to be stuck indoors and too hot to be sat outside in the sun. I decided to get comfy under the shade of a parasol where it felt cooler, and I got creative. I got my paints out and sat waiting for some inspiration to come my way.

I started to think of the environment and what is happening to our planet. I thought about the people who think that climate change is some kind of hoax, about the uncertainty of environmental issues after Brexit and chaos of British politics.

As forests are being cut down, polluted rivers, rising seas and air quality getting poorer, our rich biodiversity is being lost. I made a decision to paint an abstract piece of how this made me feel.

forest destruction

We need to take more care of our planet.

Say No to products with plastic micro beads in them. Say Yes to more greener energies.

Take care of our wildlife and create more wild green spaces.

If we all did even just a little bit, it would make a big difference, not just to planet earth but to ourselves.


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