Wild Verges Day 13 of 30 Days Wild

Spurred on by watching Springwatch last night I decided to take a walk down the country lane where I work and see if could see an orange tip butterfly or caterpillar.

I knew that garlic mustard (Also known as Jack-by-the-hedge) grew along the wild verges there but until last nights episode of Springwatch I didn’t know that both the orange tip butterfly and caterpillar feed on this plant. So off I went along the lane to see what I could find.

One thing I did notice was quite a bit of cuckoo spit clinging to grass stems.

I also saw this delightful little moth. Though I’m not sure what kind of moth it is, I am sure someone out there will inform me of it’s name.

Whilst walking I even caught a glimpse of a black fox in the far distance and a few rabbits scurrying into the hedges which was really exciting. Just wish I had got my binoculars with me.

Next I came to part of the verge where there are a lot of garlic mustard plants. A  great deal of them had already finished flowering and starting to form seed heads.

Walking a bit further I suddenly noticed on one of the seed head stems there was a thin green speckled caterpillar.

Yeapy…my quest was complete. It was the caterpillar of an orange tip butterfly.

Even though it was a very short walk down a country lane today, it is amazing what can be seen in such a short space of time if you look around.






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