Learning about nature in another language -30 Days Wild

I ordered my 30 Days Wild pack in Welsh and I love it. It’s exactly the same as the English pack but everything is written in the Welsh language. Welsh stickers, Welsh calendar, welsh ID sheet….it’s brilliant.

I’d like to thank The Wildlife Trust for producing the pack in both English and Welsh.  It was hard to decided which language to order at first but then I thought as I’m learning Welsh I should learn about nature in Welsh also.

So today I decided that one of my “Random Acts Of Wilderness” should be to try and learn more about wildlife using the Welsh language.

I sat outside eating my lunch looking through my favourite Welsh language book about nature.  Llyfr Natur by Iolo Williams.


I love this book as it has brilliant photos, Welsh names and descriptions but also has the names in English too to help you out. It is also my favourite book as Iolo Williams signed it for me when I worked with him on an episode  of Great Welsh Parks. That means alot as he wrote something for me in Welsh knowing I was a Welsh learner.

As I sat there I looked about at the wildlife around me then quickly looked it up in my book so see what it was called it in Welsh.

I think one of my favourite Welsh names is…titw tomas las. This is blue tit in Welsh. I love this name as if you listen, it sounds like the bird is saying “titoo” which is how you pronounce titw in Welsh.

The thing I love about the Welsh language is how descriptive it is.

Madfall ddŵr means  Newt in Welsh but its literal translation is water lizard.

My two favourite hobbies of wildlife spotting and learning Welsh came together today to make a fun and educational lunchtime.


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