Mowing the lawn Day 11 of 30 Days Wild

There was actually some sunshine today so we decided to make the most of a dry day and mow the grass. I say “We” but I’m not the one who mows the grass, I am the helper. My job is an important one though. 

Before the mower comes out of the shed it is my job to walk around the garden. I pick up fallen branches, food dishes and move benches out of the way. 

More importantly I make sure there is no wildlife about that might get hurt. I make sure all the hedgehogs are tucked up in bed away from harm. I check that there are no frogs, toads or newts making their way to the pond. I keep my eye out for any fledglings hiding under the trees and I search for any tired bees resting in the grass. 

I normally scoop any bees up on a large leaf and put them somewhere sheltered and out of the way with a drop of sugar water to help them regain their strength. The fledglings I leave along and just keep my eye on them, as they normally hop along to somewhere safe anyway.

It’s really important to check on the wildlife in your garden before you use a mower or strimmer. It only takes a moment of your time but it can save a little life or prevent a nasty injury. 

Many hedgehog rescues treat and care for poor little hedgehogs that have horrific injuries caused by garden machinery; so please be careful next time you do any mowing, hedge cutting and strimming, as you never know what creatures could be visiting your garden at the time.


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