Tai Chi in the garden Day 10 of 30 Days Wild

It’s 8pm and the sun has finally come out after yet more rain, so I have decide to go outside and enjoy the garden this evening. I figured that as I’m starting to slowly get better from injuring my knee that I would try and do some Tai Chi and yoga poses while I was out there. I hope that at least if I ache, it wont feel half as bad as I rest on the cooling lush grass after.

I shall take my shoes off and walk bare foot upon the grass, breathe in the delightful scented flowers and listen to the robin singing merrily from the hedge. It will be much nicer doing my stretches and knee exercises outdoors in the fresh air instead of being stuck indoors and feeling closed off from nature.

If I’m lucky I may even see a beautiful sunset, and what better way to end the day than staying out till dusk to hopefully spot a variety of moths and bats flying about.

I shall bid you all a goodnight as I now switch off all technology and spend a peaceful evening outdoors. Just me and nature.


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