Breakfast outdoors Day 9 of 30 Days Wild

For once this week the sun peeped through my bedroom curtains to wake me up. Could this be a day without rain I wondered.

I decided to get up early and make the most of the sunshine. I got my chair and sat next to one of my favourite shrubs in the garden called Philadelphius (mock orange) I love it because it has such beautiful flowers and the most delightful heady scent that reminds me of pear drop sweets.

The garden was still dewy and everywhere smelt fresh after the recent rains. The buttercups and daisies waited for the sun to shine down on the shady areas to dry everywhere and send down some warmth.

As I sat in the garden eating my breakfast, (granola with alpine strawberries picked from the garden) I saw a flock of long tailed tits fly past me and land in the honeysuckle. So many birds seem to love this bushy honeysuckle that climbs up an old telegraph pole, Throughout the morning I also saw great tit fledglings in it, a lovely little wren, and a blackbird.

I watched as a robin jumped along the fence with a beak full of worms, and it was a delight to see a flock of blue tit fledglings collecting little spiderlings from the bushes and fence too.

Unfortunately the sunshine didn’t last long as the rain returned once again, so I went indoors to have a nice cup of tea and catch up on watching Springwatch.

Watching all that fantastic footage and live cams on Springwatch felt like nature was indoors with me….but without being rained on.


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  1. Springwatch is great isn’t it. I need to catch up after my recent holiday. I love Long Tailed Tits. They always seem to travel in groups of pals. I have a honeysuckle in my yard. It looks a bit raggedy but it has started to flower.:)

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