My vote for nature Day 8 of 30 Days Wild


As the UK prepares to leave the EU, todays vote is more important than ever if you wish to protect your environment.

The EU did quite a bit for the environment and a number of species that live here in the UK are protected under EU law such as; bats, otters and great crested newts. I want our environment to still have the same protection after we leave Brexit.

I wish to live in country with no pesticides that kill our bees, a place where birds of prey can soar free in the sky and where foxes and badgers can roam without fear of man or hound.

I don’t want fracking, wasteful plastics and a polluted environment.

I want more wild spaces, wildflower meadows and greener energies.

I know that the environment is not high on some peoples agenda today but it is extremely important to me, so today I did my little bit for the environment and I shall now leave you with a Native American proverb:

When the last tree is cut down,

the last fish eaten,

and the last stream poisioned.

You will then realise that you can not eat money.


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