Indoors for day 7 of 30 Days Wild

Its going to be a short blog today as I’ve been stuck inside nursing a poorly knee. I tried to still be part of nature though by sitting by an open window and gazing out at the countryside around me.

As I sat there the first bird I heard was a green woodpecker as it flew passed on its way towards the canal. I saw blackbirds busily flying here and there gathering juicy worms for their young.

Over in the field I saw a buzzard circling high and a kestrel hovering looking for a meal. I heard starlings squabbling from within the hedge and a pied wagtail bobbing happily along the fence.

The highlight of the day has to be seeing a flock of great tit fledglings. These little balls of fluff were tweeting and fluttering about the garden and one even landed on my windowsill right in front of me. I didn’t have my camera next to me but it was a lovely moment that will stay in my memory.

My last encounter with nature today before it rained and I closed the window was to some, an unusual one. (Though not for me)

I heard the lion roaring…..A lion roar!?!…. But this is the British countryside I hear you say.

Well, anywhere else and that would be a very odd thing to say, but living by a zoo it’s a common everyday occurence. I do love listening to the lion roar I find it oddly comforting and to me the sound is part of my everyday encounters with nature where I live. 



  1. I hope your knee gets better soon so you can get back out there! I love just sitting and watching nature go by – it’s a weird kind of jealousy that I get; I wish I could be outside enjoying life like the birds when, realistically, I’m glued to a screen 9+ hours a day at work 😦

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