Watching fledglings Day 5 of 30DaysWild

After a wet and windy day at work I was glad to arrive home to dry off and get warm. At least with all the rain I didn’t have to water my plants when I got home.

I decided that tonight I would carrying on looking through my wildlife camera footage as outside all the fledglings, bees and other creatures were all sheltering from the rain. I don’t blame them as its feeling a bit blustery out.

I wasn’t disappointed as I started to watch the videos from the garden. As I have said on a previous blog and my facebook page, starlings have returned to the garden this season for the first time in many years.

I was so excited to see footage of them eating mealworms under the bench and now even more excited to see my first starling fledglings.

I’m so happy that they have decided to return to the garden and even more so that they have had young. I do love their squeaking, clicking and squawking noises they make. They are such vocal little birds and have beautiful speckled plumage.

Another delight to see was a cute sparrow fledgling which seemed like hanging around with the starling fledglings. Maybe all its siblings have grown up and it feels safe with all the starlings. Who knows, but it seems happy.

I’m glad these birds feel safe and happy in the garden and hope I will see many more fledglings as I carry on watching my video footage.

Check out my little videos:

Starling fledgling wants more food

Sparrow and starling fledgling having a drink.





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