Day 4 of #30DaysWild

Well today was a bit of a lazy non “wild” day as I went off to a car boot sale. 

You are probably wondering what on earth I could blog about; after all there’s nothing but humans, car and bargains at car boot sales…..well….

A great gift in life is being able to find tiny bits of nature and wildlife no matter where you are. I sometimes wish more people were able to open their eyes more to nature. Stop and look around for a second and just notice their surroundings. I’m sure they’d feel much better for doing so.

Anyway, I had a nice drive to the carboot sale in Wales and I saw a buzzard sweep in front of the car and land in the grass verge to capture a small mammal. They are such beautiful birds and it makes me sad and angry that some people could hurt them in the name of “money”. 

Whenever I see a buzzard I tell myself that I’ll have a great day. Today i saw 7…so I had a super day and I got many great bargains.

When I got to the carboot sale I saw lovely pink rhodedendrons and a line of stunning chestnut trees. I saw swallows swooping through the air catching insects and saw blue tit fledglings chirping “Feed me” to their parents from a tree.

On the grassy field amongst all the cars and people, there where little clumps of lovely daisies dotted about sunning themselves. 

After looking at all the pretty flowers for sale and buying lots of bargains; (this beautiful dress with owls on it, being one of them) it was time to go home. 

However, there was one last little surprise from nature for me before leaving.
Sat on the car was a cute lacewing. I love their bright colour, delicate green veins on transparent wings and prominent metallic eyes.

So even though I didn’t set off to have a “Wild” day, i still got to enjoy nature.
Hope you all had a great day too.



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