A springtime stroll

It was such beautiful weather in Cheshire at the weekend, it was decided that a stroll down the local country lanes was in order.

It’s amazing what can be seen while out for a little stroll.  There seemed to be quite a few butterflies fluttering about the wild verges.  Comma, tortoiseshell, orange tip and peacock butterflies danced about chasing each other.

Bees were also enjoying the sunshine buzzing, from one spring flower to the next.

A variety of birds tweeted merrily from the hedgerows.  Goldfinches, great tits and sparrows darted in and out of the hedges and trees.  Rooks and crows walked along freshly ploughed fields looking for worms and grubs: and 2 ducks sat in the water ditch along the side of the lane.

Walking down the lane I stopped to say hello to the remains of an old oak tree which stands on land that could have been subjected to fracking….what a horrific thought.

The area is so lucky to have locals, as well as lovely people at the fracking camp (that used to be on this land) and great crested newts that helped to protect the area.  I’m so glad that the field now has cows lazily grazing the lush green grass and it is a peaceful place to stand and ponder.

As I turned down the next lane I saw new buds on the chestnut trees, pussy willow bursting with catkins, and absolutely stunning blossom in the hedgerows.

I even saw animal trackways in the undergrowth, and I wondered what creatures use them at night.

Turning the next corner I could hear lambs bleating in the near-by field whilst the lion (from the zoo) roared loudly….I wonder what the local wildlife think of the roaring??

Homeward bound I stopped to watch the buzzard circling above and admire another beautiful oak tree.  This must be the earliest oak tree in the area as the others haven’t woken up yet.

It was a lovely walk and it is so nice to be out in nature admiring the beauty that springtime has to offer.


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