Worlds End in Llangollen

It was a dull rainy day when I left Chester but as I arrived at Llangollen, the Autumnal sun was shining.

Today was going to be a mini adventure as my friend and I decided to go in search of a place called Worlds End. We drove up and down twisty narrow country lanes admiring the stunning  Eglwyseg Escarpment as we passed. (This escarpment is great for geology)20160901_103313

Worlds End is indicated on the map but on the ground there are no signposts near by for the gorge. We drove over a ford on a tight bend and caught a glimpse of this magical place before driving past upwards onto the moors.2016-10-17-17.54.21.jpg.jpeg

The heather moors is a bleak yet beautiful place but on this cold crisp Autumnal day we saw no sign of wildlife unfortunately. We managed to park up on the roadside on Eglwyseg mountain and as we stepped out of the car, the stillness hit me. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop and it felt quite a spooky place. (These moors are steeped in history and have many prehistoric cairns)

We knew which direction we wanted to be in so armed with a map we set off over the moor in search of Worlds End gorge. At first we found a well worn wide path but then we veered off onto what I can only describe as a sheep track as it was very narrow.

As the path came to an end we noticed a wire fence and our hearts sank a little as we wondered if you could even get to this mysterious place. Undeterred we walked on determined to at least see what was round the corner, and I’m glad we did as round the corner poking out of the fence was a little stile.  At last we would be able to find our way into the magical gorge.20161012_114707.jpg

As we climbed over the stile we then began to hear birds tweeting amongst the trees and see fungi and ferns. We carefully climbed down a steep rocky path through a wood, being careful not to slip on the moss covered boulders. Suddenly the trees gave way to reveal a most magical view. 20161012_115139.jpg

It was like a long forgotten magical landscape. I was almost expecting pixies to pop up from behind the ferns, Merlin to appear from behind a tree or a dragon to pop its head out from one of the caves. All the rocky outcrops were laden with moss and I could hear the sound of running water from one of the caves. 20161012_114631.jpg 20161012_115003.jpgAs we walked further on we saw tall white cliffs appear in front of us with trees growing from its limestone crevices. We were enclosed by the cliffs of Craig y Forwyn, Craig y Cythraul, and Craig yr Adar, and they were stunning.

We saw water coming up from the earth which then became a babbling brook cascading downwards to a Ford below and beyond. (The River Eglwyseg)

We stopped for a while to soak up the atmosphere, before heading towards the bottom stile where it meets the Ford.  From here we walked back up the lane once more to the moors where the car was parked.20161012_121011.jpg

This place really is a hidden gem and with landscapes such as this, no wonder Wales is steeped in rich myths and legends. I was almost disappointed I didn’t see a dragon  😉





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