Raining again #30DaysWild

It has been pouring down again today so I decided to have a nature day inside.

I made the decision that my collection of small bones needed moving into a bigger display box. I have a few large skulls but my favourites are the tiny teeth and skulls from owl pellets. Its amazing to see the different shaped skulls, jaws and teeth.; like the red tipped teeth of a shrew or the zig-zag shaped molars of a vole.


I love dissecting pellets as they containing valuable information about the bird, it’s habitat and the small mammals it feeds on in the area.
I like to have some bones, teeth and skulls displayed as a reference, but I also have a great pull out chart from FSC which is a help also.

After admiring them and looking at them under a microscope, I found them a new home in a display case with a lot more compartments incase I find anymore bones.


After lunch I had a nice relaxing time watching my favourite nature dvd – Badger Watching With Gareth Morgan.

It is such a beautifully shot dvd, very informative and a must for any badger lovers.  I love the way the badgers know their names and trust him enough to take biscuits gently from his hand. Its magical to watch the relationship they had and I often find myself wondering if the badgers are still there and who is watching over them now.



For tea my other half brought home fresh horse mushrooms. I don’t really know much about edible mushrooms but luckily he does. I suppose all this warm wet weather has been ideal for them to grow. He fried them in butter and we had them on toast. It was delicious and so full of flavour but I think i’ll leave him to the foraging  as a lot of care must be taken when collecting from the wild, especially mushrooms.




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