Secret garden #30DaysWild

It has been a rainy day again today so I decided to stay in and start looking through the endless wildlife footage I have choking up my computer.

A few years ago I remember smelling the scent of a fox in the garden and I knew there were also hedgehogs so I was intrigued to find out more and buy myself a wildlife camera. After much debating and help from NatureSpy and Iolo Williams I finally decided to buy a Bushnell Natureview camera.

It is the best thing I have ever bought. I feel like I have now unlocked a secret world in the garden and I have learnt so much from the videos and photographs.

young fox jun16

I think at least 3 foxes visit the garden. A male, female and a young one. I always love watching footage of them.

wood mouse june16

There are little wood mice that pop up in different parts of the garden, but my goal is to try and get footage of the voles and shrews too. I think they are camera shy…unlike squirrels, who regularly photobomb 🙂

bluetit1wrencoaltitwoodpeckergrt tits june16Jay june16

I was even surprised when I caught a duck and moorhen on camera which were visiting the garden. There is even a resident reed bunting here.


Looking through the videos it makes me realise just how important it is too put food, fresh drinking water and bird baths out in the garden. They are all used regularly and there is nothing more lovely than watching a bird splashing about happily in a bath.

blackbird june16

Of course, its not just birds that love fresh water. Many insects and mammals drink from the dishes we put out, especially the hedgehogs.

grumpy hedgehog june16

I had a great surprise today looking through my wildlife footage. I recently put out a small mammal tracking tunnel in the garden and placed my camera next to it with the close up lens to see what i’d capture.

When I went to collect the tunnel I noticed it had been moved which was strange. The paw prints from the tunnel were a bit messy and showed hedgehogs had been in the tunnel. I thought no more about it till today.


It suddenly all made sense when I saw what the camera had captured.
Grumpy the hedgehog had found the tunnel first but then a young hedgehog came into the tunnel. Well Grumpy doesn’t like sharing food and pushed the little hedgehog about the place. Grumpy was so annoyed even the tunnel gets pushed. Grumpy by name, grumpy by nature I think.

Check out the footage on my Facebook page here

Or on my YouTube page here

I can’t wait to put the camera back out and see more footage of the little hedgehog and I will have to name it. So far there is Grumpy, Prickly and Snuffles but there are obviously more hedgehogs in the garden to see.

Owning a wildlife camera brings so much joy and gives me access to a secret wildlife garden I would never normally get to see.




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