More than birds at RSPB #30DaysWid

Its been a beautiful warm day so I decided to go to my local nature reserve for a wander about.

The nature reserve on the Dee Estuary straddles the border between Cheshire and Wales and has vast panoramas of Wirral and the Welsh hills, as well as an Iron Age hillfort and habitats of reedbeds, fenland and farmland.

Burton Mere is small in comparison to some RSPB sites but it is filled to the brim with wildlife. The wetland is home to breeding avocets, lapwings and hosts the largest little egret roost in the North. At the nature reserve I spotted godwits, a woodpecker, spoonbills, warblers and shelducks just to name a small few.

The place is teeming with a great variety of birds but RSPB don’t just look after our bird life.

As I walk along the paths at Burton Mere I notice the array of stunning wildflowers. There are orchids, oxeye daisies, vetch, red clover, alkanet, birds foot trefoil and many more.


As I take a closer look at these exquisite wildflowers I see all the different insects hovering, buzzing and resting upon them. I see false oil beetles, hoverflies, horseflies, red tailed bumblebees, cuckoo spit and much more.

There are dragonflies and damselflies darting about the ponds, brimstone butterflies fluttering about the grassy verges and hairy caterpillars and spiders crawling across the wooden boardwalk.

If you are really lucky you may get to see a little vole scurrying into the undergrowth, a water vole bobbing up from the water or a glimpse of a stoat rushing by.

As I walked along the path I caught a glimpse of female and male common lizards basking in the sunshine.

Before I left I stopped to see the naughty squirrels taking the nuts out of the bird feeders and the ducks collecting seed that had fallen on the ground.

I’m very lucky to have such a fantastic wildlife place on my doorstep.



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