Nature spotting at a steam rally #30DaysWild

After the mornings heavy rain the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and shone down upon Cheshire.

I rushed out into the garden to gather in the tracking papers from my small mammal tunnel I had left out over the week. The papers were wet but soon dried out in the sun and thankfully the water didn’t affect the prints…phew!


Little hedgehog paw prints are all over the papers, though I am quite surprised there are no rodent prints yet as I know there are wood mice, voles and shrews in the garden.

As it was turning out to be a nice day I decided to go to Kelsall Steam Rally, Cheshire. I was determined not only to see the usual vintage machinery but to see what wildlife I could spot while I was there.


Luckily for me, the steam rally is held on farm land. As I walked across fields of white clovers I saw swallows swooping and diving for insects along the hedgerows and around the farm buildings. I went in the farm out-buildings and saw shire horses and 2 beautiful foals.


I have never been very good around horses as they sense I am wary of them so they too act wary of me, however the shire horses here were brilliant. They were so well natured and gentle, and one even came to me for a stroke, which made my day. I saw cows in the barn and one came over curious to see us. I stroked her nose and got a big lick. Their tongues are like sandpaper!


I had a great day out in Kelsall and am glad the weather stayed lovely and sunny. When I got back home I sat in the sunshine with a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake watching the beautiful rosemary beetles and bees on the lavenders. The perfect ending to a lovely day.





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