Welsh history and cloud gazing #30DaysWild

It was a beautiful sunny day so I went to Llandudno, Wales with my brother and sister.


We walked along the prom people watching before strolling along the pier. When we got to the end we looked over the side at the water below us and the barnacles encrusted on the metal work.

At lunch time it was lovely to sit watching the waves calmly roll in and out along the pebbled beach as we ate our yummy fish and chips.

Next we walked around the gardens at Happy Valley. This is a sheltered hollow on the eastern side of the Great Orme and a CADW listed public park. The paths wind through trees, large areas of rockery and  Alice In Wonderland carvings.  Sometime the Great Orme Kashmiri goats come as far down as the gardens in bad weather to take shelter.


As we walked further up we decided to visit Pen y Dinas. This is a large fortified enclosure jutting out from the Great Orme. It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument containing the remains of over 50 Iron Age hut circles. Another feature at Pen y Dinas is the ‘rocking stone’ on which accused prisoners are said to have been judged by the Druids.


There was a lovely view from up here and we sat on the ‘rocking stone’ to take in the beautiful Welsh scenery. I can see why they decided to live here as there are all round views and its strongly defended on three sides by steep natural cliffs and a massive wall and ditch.

To end the day we sat on the grass banks of Happy Valley and gazed at the different fluffy clouds as they were gently blown by on the sea breeze.




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