Walking in the Wilder-Ness #30DaysWild

It rained on and off throughout the day but that didn’t stop me getting out and enjoying nature.

As it is Insect Week I decided to go and have a stroll around the wilder parts of Ness Botanical Gardens. The rain made the grass look lush bright green and the flowers zinged with vibrant colours, but I wasn’t here for the rock garden, Pingo or stunning borders. I was here to visit my favourite place in the gardens- the Wilder-Ness area.


The wildflowers are looking beautiful amongst the long grasses in the meadow. There are campions, poppies, vetch, willowherb, viper’s bugloss and musk mallow to name but a small few.


I walked to the bee hotel and saw that many of the holes were occupied and the closer I looked the more mini wildlife I saw. I noticed woodlice, ants, solitary bees and a ichneumon wasp .


As I walked along the cut grass paths of white clover and plantain I noticed cinnabar moths, holly blue and speckled wood butterflies and garden bumble bees darting between the flowers. I also saw a scorpionfly resting on a plant.


As I reached my most favourite spot in the botanical gardens I saw a blackbird scratting under the trees and wood pigeons and crows flying over head.


I love to sit on the decking here looking over the wildlife pond. This area is like a secret garden that time forgot. I could sit here for hours just listening to the birds, watching the wildlife or just reading a book. I heard great tits, chaffinches and blue tits. I saw a moorhen with her cute fluffy young on the pond, a dragonfly skimming over the water and sticklebacks feeding at the bottom of the pond.


On way out of the Wilder-Ness area I saw where rabbits had been digging and could smell the scent of a fox.

There is much more to see at Ness Botanical Garden if you take a closer look and it is a great way to spend a few hours no matter what the weather.



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