Seeing in the Summer #30DaysWild

Last night there was a beautiful sunset and I stayed up to see the strawberry full moon on the longest day of the year. I love looking at a full moon but last nights was special as it was a lovely warm colour and it was of course, the summer solstice.

After staying up late I was up to hear the superb dawn chorus at 4am this morning. It is absolutely stunning to hear so many beautiful bird songs all at once.

After breakfast I went off to my local nature reserve, Burton Mere and I sat for a while on the hillfort looking at the view over to Wales and along the Dee estuary. I also watched naughty squirrels grabbing nuts from the bird feeder and watched hairy caterpillars crawling along the boardwalk.



In the afternoon I went in the garden to collect the results from my small mammal tracking tunnel. I could see straight away that Grumpy the hedgehog had visited the tunnel. I knew it was Grumpy and not one of the other hedgehogs due to the size of the prints.

I have also been uploading more wildlife videos to my Facebook page LjayNature.
Its been a long nature filled day and so I’m now going to put my feet up and do some reading.



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