Urban Wildlife #30DaysWild

It was raining on and off for most of the day, but I still went outside for a little stroll.
I decided to go to Cheshire Oaks retail park; not for shopping but to see what wildlife I could spot.
You’ll be amazed how much wildlife there is to see here. Beautiful coloured starlings gather on the floor where humans have dropped their food. A flock of Goldfinches dart from tree to tree gathering insects. A pied wagtail merrily bobs along the pavement.
Walking a bit further I come to an eco building that has living walls, and lavender borders that look lovely. There are lots of bugs and bees amongst the flowers.
There is also a wildflower area and a pond here. I sat for a while and watched a blackbird turning bark and vegetation over to find juicy worms and insects. I watched a bee buzzing from flower to flower and a spiderling making its first web.
Just as I was leaving I looked up to see a buzzard soaring high above me and I then I saw a kestrel hovering over the field next to me.


Its a shame that alot of people come here and think there is nothing more to see than just shops and they never glimpse the beautiful wildlife around them.


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