Mini wilderness #30DaysWild

Today I decided to have a close look at lichens and mosses in the garden.


There are some gardeners that don’t like moss in their garden but I love it.  Moss adds another dimension to the garden and I think a stone wall or rockery looks incomplete without moss caressing each stone like a furry green jumper.

If you look closely it is easy to appreciate  how beautiful moss really is and how many different types there are too. They have a rich vibrant colour to them and a texture which makes you just want to stroke them.

I always wonder what it must be like to be an ant or beetle wondering through the moss. It must look like a lush wet forest to them.



We find lichen on tree branches, stones and rotting stumps but how often to we stop to look?

Looking closely it is easy to see the intricate and complex patterns, the vibrant colours of green, grey, orange and yellows etc…and the variety of lichens is vast. They are not a single organism and are quite complex.

Lichens absorb water and minerals from the air and this makes them extremely sensitive to atmospheric pollution. A great place to look for lichen is churchyards on the headstones and they are an indication of how good the air quality is locally.

I just love the texture of lichen and find it fascinating. It  wraps around tree branches giving an extra dimension and colour to the tree.


So next time you are taking a walk in the woods, park or in the garden take a closer look and you too will see the wonderful stunning beauty of moss and lichen.



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