Follow the bees #30DaysWild

It was a lovely sunny day and the flowers were buzzing with bees so I decided to try and follow one to see where it went.

There were lots of bees on the geranium flowers and every time I tried to get a photo they’d gone. It was amazingly hard to try and follow just one bee as I kept getting distracted when I saw a different type of bee. I just loved watching them busily going about their work collecting pollen. They darted from one flower to the next, sometimes stopping to collect pollen but mostly checking the flower before moving on to another.


Flowers have various ways of attracting bees and other pollinators, like an alluring scent or being brightly coloured but they also have an electrical charge, which is fascinating.

Bees are too busy to waste trying to get pollen from flowers that have already had their nectar taken and the flowers don’t need to attract bees if they have nothing to give, so flowers emit a different electrical signal after their nectar has been taken. acting as a “No Vacancy” sign to other bees.

Nature is so clever!

A world without bees would be no world at all. Think of all the beautiful coloured flowers in your garden and fruit on the trees, all pollinated by little creatures such as this.

I’m glad I saw so many bees today as it shows that the garden is healthy and bee friendly.  There are areas of wildflowers, perennial and annual flowers displays, fruit garden and small orchard, all of which are chemical free and organic.

Here are some things you can do to help the bees:

Leave the dandelions and clover in your garden.

Don’t use chemicals in your garden.

Put a small basin of water or a bird bath with some stones in it for them to crawl on -bees get thirsty too.

Build a bee hotel.

Have a wild area in your garden and sow some wildflowers.

Even if you don’t have a big garden just growing bee friendly flowers in a pot will help.

And finally, sometimes you may see bees on the floor. They can be resting or exhausted so RSPB give advise on how to help them here





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