Wild Art #30DaysWild

Before the rain and thunder came once again this evening I managed to get into the garden for a bit of arty fun in the sunshine.

I had decided that today was going to be a craft day in the garden. I looked around the garden for items that I could use and I sat under the hobnut tree until some inspiration hit me.

Firstly I found some long whippy pieces of hazel which I thought would be good for weaving.

I took some long pieces and coiled them into a circle, then cut  4 thicker pieces and laid them across the ring evenly spaced. Next I found thinner more flexible pieces  which I weaved over the  frame, under the stake, over the next stake and under the far frame. This weave was repeated until I had made myself a little tray. This will come in handy when i’m out in the garden gathering the fruit and vegetables.


I then picked some flowers in the garden to make a little piece of art which I then placed in a special area of the garden. I don’t normally go round picking flowers but these where from a small area that needed cutting back and so instead of them just going straight on the compost heap I made a small piece of art.


Finally I gathered some of the clay pipe bits that I have found when I have been digging in the veg patch. These clay pipe stems as well as other historic items are frequently found in the garden. I cleaned the soil out from the hole in the stems to unblock them before threading cord through them. I just had enough to make a bracelet.



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