Barefoot in the garden #30DaysWild

After spending the morning filling out a job application for what I can only describe as my dream job; I decided to go and sit in the garden.


Bees were buzzing in and out of the foxgloves and a robin was singing merrily sat on top of  the honeysuckle.  I took my shoes off and walked barefoot around the garden. The grass was like a cool lush green carpet under my feet.  Walking barefoot I felt connected with the earth, energised and relaxed.  As I passed the philadelphius ‘Mock orange’ its irresistible fragrance filled my nostrils and I was enveloped in a heady scent.  The garden is looking lovely in the sunshine with beautiful reds, pinks, creams and emerald greens. The beautiful ferns (one of my favourite plants in the garden)  have finally unfurled and are looking their best especially after all the rain yesterday.  The flowers on the jasmine and lavenders are  just starting to form whilst the late camellia has now finished flowering for another year.


I stopped and had a quick look under a log and found a family of woodlice, a slug and a millipede.  I looked into the pond and saw a frogs head just bobbing up from the duckweed and a spider scurrying along the ponds edge.

As I sat on the grass I listened to the swallows as they flew over head, and the sound of crows squabbling from the near by trees.  Unfortunately I also heard more thunder coming in and saw dark grey clouds heading my way so it was time to head in for a cup of tea and a nice slice of carrot cake.


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