Reading about nature #30DaysWild

Just a quick blog today as been busy writing a job application and lots of reading to catch up on.

There is an almighty thunderstorm so have decided it isn’t wise to be outside. There is sheet lightning directly above and the sound of thunder is deafening.  I can’t see much outside as the rain is coming down so hard, so all I see is raindrops on the window.


I have decided to use this day to catch up on reading some great nature magazines.

I recently joined Cheshire Wildlife Trust so i’m looking forward to looking through their membership pack they sent me and reading their magazines.

I  have been a member of RSPB for few years now, so I have been reading their Homes For nature magazine this morning. Its always full of interesting and informative articles.

I am a member of Friends Of Ness Gardens too, so have their magazine to read later today.

And finally I have lots of great leaflets and a magazine on reptiles from ARC (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation) and Natural England to look through. I picked up a few that I didn’t already have when I went on a reptile survey last week.


So, even though I am not outdoors today I have plenty of reading to do and lots to learn about wildlife and nature.


You can always find out more from these websites:

Ness Gardens


Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation



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