Raindrops #30DaysWild

It is raining again today but I’m not complaining as the garden needs it after all the hot dry weather we’ve been having here.

I decided today that I would go out in the rain and see whats happening in the garden.

The frogs are in the pond with just their heads above the surface, blackbirds are hopping about the lawn looking for worms and there is plenty of bird song coming from the hedges.

The fruits are coming along nicely and the wildflowers are looking beautiful, if not a little soggy.


I noticed that there is lots of cuckoo spit in the tall grass. I don’t think I have ever seen so much so it must be a good year for spittle bugs. (frog hoppers)


At least after all the rain I don’t need to water the plants and the water butts are full of water now. I took photos of the waters reflection in them. They are like mirrors looking upwards in the garden.


I also took close up photos of rain drops on the flowers. On the smoke bush, the water looks like drops of mercury.


There is beauty in a raindrop and it was lovely to experience the coolness and fresh smell that the rain brings.


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