Looking after the hedgehogs #30DaysWild

Today its finally raining so I have decided to stay in and make a hedgehog home.

There are lots of places in the garden for our hedgehogs to live but I thought it would be nice to make a another little place for them. You can’t have too many hedgehog homes is what I say.

I found an old wooden crate so I need to cut a hole for the entrance roughly about the size of a CD case (14cm x 14cm) and I will either leave it a simple box or if I can find any bits of wood I’ll make a porch too.


The Wildlife Gadgetman also has some good ideas on making your own hedgehog home too  here.


We are blessed as we have a few hedgehogs living in the garden. The reasons are probably because the garden is surrounded by hedges, there are lots of wild areas in the garden and there is always plenty of food and water.

If you only have fences try and get your neighbours or community to cut a hedgehog tunnel at the bottom of the fence creating a little hoggy highway.  Hedgehogs can travel quite a distance during the night looking for food.

As well as making sure they have access to your garden, here are other things you can do to help hedgehogs:
Leave areas of your garden wild.
Build a hedgehog home.
Provide hedgehogs with food and water. (not bread or milk!) You can buy proper hedgehog food from pet stores now.
Avoid using slug pellets and other chemicals in the garden.
Make ponds safe.
Check long grass before mowing and strimming as hedgehogs can be asleep in the long grass or wild areas of the garden.
Create a compost heap.

Find out what you can do for hedgehogs with tips and ideas  here with The Wildlife Trust or here at Hedgehog Street.

There are lots of fantastic sites on the internet regarding hedgehogs such as Little Silver Hedgehog, Frumpy The HedgehogOggles Hoggy Rescue, British Hedgehog Society, just to name a few, so check them out.



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