A day in the woods #30DaysWild

It was a hot sunny afternoon and my friend and I sat in the garden at Wepre Park eating our lunch.  We watched the birds fluttering from tree to tree looking for insects and dock beetles and spiders scurrying about on the grassy bank.


After a while it became too hot in the garden so we decided to take a nice walk in the dabbled shade of the woodland.  The well worn path follows the meandering brook through the woods and it felt so much cooler as we strolled through the woods and the sound of the babbling brook was relaxing to hear.  We saw robins, great tits, and crows busily looking for food and we saw orange tip and speckled wood butterflies dancing along the path.

We walked past Red Rocks and down to the brook by the old bridge.  A dog came bounding past us and splashed about in the water.  Dogs love it here and who can blame them.  Its nice to sit here listening to the sound of the water and the bird song.


We decided not to got to the Welsh castle today but instead we went slightly off the beaten track to Devils Basin.  It truly feels like you are in an ancient woodland here as we walk past large ferns, old twisted trees and a steep rocky bank to the brook below.


When we reached Devils Basin we sat down overlooking the waterfall taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this ancient place.  I love the sound of the water cascading over the rocky outcrop and into the plunge pool before babbling over the stony bed through the woodland.


On the way back we sat once more in the garden at Wepre Park eating a deliciously cool ice lolly before heading off home.

As I left the park I saw a bumblebee resting on a wall and a juvenile rook squawking on a gate.

This truly is a magical ancient place and a great day out.


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