The taste of nature #30DaysWild

The weather was hot and muggy today and we really need a thunderstorm to clear the air. I got up early and walked down the country lanes enjoying the morning bird song. I saw robins, blue tit fledglings and juvenile blackbirds around the hedgerows looking for insects to eat. I then smelt the heavenly scent of elderflowers on the warm breeze so I stopped to pick a few flowers so that I could make some cordial later.

After my walk I did a bit of work in the fruit garden and gave everything a good water. I saw lots of insects and bees buzzing around the plants as I did a bit of gardening.


For lunch I made myself a sandwich, adding lettuce and chives to it picked fresh from the garden. There is nothing like getting free food from your garden. It tastes so much nicer than you buy from the shops. Our garden is completely organic too, which is even better.  We don’t need chemicals as the wildlife help us in the garden. Hedgehogs eat the slugs, ladybirds eat the greenfly and the bees pollinate the flowers.


In the afternoon I made elderflower cordial which I have now left for 24 hours to infuse. It smells delicious and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow.


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