Parkgate Marshes #30daysWild

As part of 30 Days wild I decided to go to Parkgate, Wirral.

It was a glorious hot day with blue skies. I walked along the promenade looking out towards the marshes and across to Wales.

There was a beautiful view of North Wales, i could see the Duke of Lancaster ship at Mostyn, the Jubilee bridge at Queensferry and the wind farm out into the Dee estuary.

I saw many birds on the marshes; black-headed gulls, herons, pied wagtails and a marsh harrier.

Up above me, swallows and house martins dipped and weaved catching insects, and a crow flew past with food in its beak to take back to its young in the nest.

As I walked past the Old Baths car park, I saw sedge warblers and dragonflies along the path, as well as butterflies and bees dancing around the wildflowers.


Before going home I decided to sit on the sandstone wall that runs along the promenade and have some lunch. I noticed the lichen on the wall and a little spider scurried out to say hello. I also watched 2 kestrels hovering. One above the marshes and the other behind me in someones garden.


It was a lovely day to be out in nature watching the wildlife and smelling the heavenly scent of elderflower wafting past me on the warm breeze.

I ended my day at Parkgate sat in the sunshine eating a yummy ice-cream. Delicious!!


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