Watching wildlife on camera #30DaysWild

I have a Bushnell Natureview wildlife camera which I have left out in the garden for few weeks.

I have just unclipped it from one of the trees and I am currently sat in the garden under the hobnut tree about to look at the footage.

I have noticed that the SD card says 720 video clips!! ….it’s going to take a bit of time to look through I think.

There are a few creatures that I know I will see many times on my camera.

Our hedgehogs are always out at night patrolling the garden looking for tasty worms and hedgehog food. Now and again they will bump into each other, give a few growls and run in the opposite direction. The foxes visit the garden usually once a night too especially in Autumn and Winter as they love the windfall apples that fallen from the trees. They are usually less frequent in Spring and Summer, probably few times a week.


I hope to see a few juvenile birds on camera as i can hear the hedges alive with the sound of parent birds feeding.

The beauty of owning a wildlife camera though, is that I just have no real idea of what wonders I will see. I sit here like a kid waiting to open a present as I know whatever I see will just be an amazing insight into what happens in the garden when I have gone indoors.

Given that I have very slow broadband, and there are 720 videos to look through, it will take a while for me to upload the best ones so ……for all those who can’t wait here are a few videos uploaded so far:

Prickly the hedgehog

Tiny the wood mouse

Woodpecker having a drink


Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do 🙂


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