In the garden #30DayWild

I’m having a relaxing day in the garden as it is very still and muggy, so too hot to be indoors.

I can see squirrels scrambling up trees, birds flitting from the hedge to the feeders and a blackbird splashing about in the bird bath.

The garden is full of colour and wildlife at the moment and its just lovely to slow down, do nothing and just appreciate all the wonderful things in nature and the happiness it can bring into our lives.

The highlight of the day so far, is watching the wren fledglings hopping along the fence calling to their parents to feed them. The wrens are normally shy birds and I normally just hear them so it was fantastic to see little fledglings being fed.

Luckily I had my camera…phew!!

Here are my photos….Facebook    Twitter     Instagram      Flickr



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