Ness Gardens #30DaysWild

I’m sitting in Ness Gardens, Cheshire on a beautiful warm morning. Fluffy clouds hang in the azure sky which compliments the vibrant Spring colours of the garden.

In the morning the garden is alive with bird song. A blackbird scrats amongst the bark chippings and 2 rabbits dart across the path and into the scrubs.


Now and again there is a warm gentle breeze which envelopes me with the heavenly scent of flowers, and I can hear the buzzing of bees as they busily go about pollinating.

It is lovely to see the trees finally in full leaf and I love the stunning oranges, reds and purples in the garden borders.


As I sit here, 2 buzzards circle above me, soaring high on the thermal currents and a thrush is singing merrily in a shrub nearby.
It’s so lovely to see the changing seasons at Ness Gardens and it connects you with nature.

In Spring I love to just sit and listen to the birds and watch them busily searching for food to feed their young. In Summer I love to see all the vibrant coloured flower displays and in Autumn I love the beautiful bronze, red and burnt orange colours of the trees before the leaves cascade down onto the ground. In winter, nature throws of her cloak and reveals her skeleton showing off the structure of trees and their bark and revealing little forgotten places that have been covered over with leaves during Summer.


There is always something to see in a garden no matter how big or small and it’s a great way to enjoy nature.


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