Day One at Nant gwrtheyrn


I woke up early and walked to the cafe bleary eyed and slightly apprehensive. There was a lovely spread on for breakfast of fruit, yogurt, juice and cereal.  There was so much to choose from.
There were learners from many different places.  South and North Wales, Oxford, Leicester and even one welsh learner from Australia.  Everyone was friendly and dived into to trying to speak Welsh straight away.
After breakfast we were put into 2 groups. I was in a group of 5 and our tutor was lovely. In the classroom we introduced ourselves then we learnt the names of some birds in welsh.
The weather was a bit windy but it wasn’t cold so after our lesson we went for a walk with Twm Elias (local naturalist) down to the beach.
We saw thistle, wild garlic, primrose and gorse.  We learnt that lesser celendine has shiny petals to reflect the sunlight.  Mares tail can be used to clean pots-natures brillo pad and according to folklore; when gorse is in flower, kissing is in season.

We strolled along the beach looking at pebbles of basalt, granite and jasper that were brought here in the Ice Age; and also learnt about the history of the village and saw the remains left behind from the quarrying of granite.
We were ready for lunch after our walk and it was delicious.  We had vegetable soup, sandwiches, and bara brith.
In the afternoon we learnt the names of some mammals in Welsh and talked about what we had learnt that morning.  We then sat and listened to Twm tell us stories of myths and legends of Snowdon, the giant Rhita Gawr and about Tre’r Ceiri the local hill fort.
After a lovely dinner we listened to more stories from Twm about different birds like the owl.  They were a symbol of good fortune in ancient Greece and associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athene.
It was a lovely calm evening so before going to bed I strolled down to the beach and took photos of items washed up on the rocks and then watched another lovely sunset.

beach finds


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