Day 2 at Nant Gwrtheyrn

It was a lovely day and I got up early because I was excited about the day ahead. The S4C programme Heno was filming us on our course today learning about foraging and cooking.
Firstly we learnt the Welsh names for a variety of wild plants in the classroom then we all went to the local village Llithfaen with Catrin Roberts who showed us how to forage for wild food along the roadside.

Foraging is fun but only take what you need and you must be careful as some plants are poisonous or deadly.
We saw lots of plants we could collect. Wild plants like garlic mustard, plantain, violet and primroses grow along the side of roads and navelwort and spleenwort can be seen growing in the gaps and cracks in walls.
We then went back to the Nant were we foraged for wood sorrel, dandelions and gorse.
Dandelions leaves can be added to a salad and the flowers can be made into marmalade or wine. The root of the dandelion can be also be used to make coffee.
Gorse has bright yellow flowers that are edible and have a slight coconut aroma. Primrose flowers are edible too and can be used in a salad.
After lunch we learnt how to make violet biscuits, garlic bread and nettle soup.

In the evening I skipped dinner and went for a walk with another learner to the hillfort Tre’r Ceiri. Half way up we met a local man who stopped to speak Welsh to us which was lovely.

The views walking up to Tre’r Cieri are stunning and the hillfort is very impressive.
Tre’r Ceiri is a hillfort dating back to the Iron Age. The name means “town of the giants”, (1,480ft) above sea level. The settlement is surrounded by stone walls that reach up to 13ft in some places and within the walls are ruins of about 150 stone houses.
For supper we went to Nefyn and had chips before coming back to the Nant to watch my final sunset here, sad that tomorrow will be my last day here.



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